Sea salt is one of the oldest, most highly valued, and most used spices in the world. Not only can it be used to preserve food, but sea salt has been used in various traditional remedies for thousands of years to help keep teeth clean. Sea salt contains a number of trace elements and minerals that support lasting oral health.

Harnessing the cleansing power of pure sea salt, Health Ranger Select Toothsalt with Neem is one of the healthiest alternatives to chemical-based commercial toothpastes. Our lab-verified toothsalt formula enhances your oral health using only natural, pure, bacteria-fighting ingredients, such as sea salt, sodium bicarbonate, neem, essential oils, and myrrh. It is China-free and is lab tested for glyphosate, heavy metals, and microbiology.  

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No poisons, fillers,

or artificial ingredients

Nearly all commercial toothpastes contain fluoride, a known neurotoxin. But most people don't know that. They've had it burned into their minds by governments and self-serving industry groups that fluoride is the best thing available to prevent tooth decay. That simply isn't true. Our 100% all-natural Health Ranger Select Tooth Salt with Neem is a vastly superior, neurotoxin-free solution for clean, healthy teeth and gums.

Clean, all-natural ingredients that support great oral health

Unlike many commercial oral hygiene products, Health Ranger Select Toothsalt with Neem features only genuine, health-promoting ingredients that nourish gums and promote positive oral health. These potent ingredients and botanicals also give Health Ranger Select Toothsalt with Neem its fantastic flavor that will leave your teeth and gums feeling clean and refreshed.

Sodium chloride (sea salt) 

Salt is a natural disinfectant that promotes an environment which is difficult for bacteria to thrive in. A key component in many ancient tooth cleaning powders, sea salt is used as an effective yet mild abrasive that can remove dirt and stains, as well as brighten teeth.

USP sodium bicarbonate

High-quality sodium bicarbonate 

is considered by many to be an inexpensive, time-tested treatment for tooth care. You can safely ensure strong, healthy teeth and gums by regularly brushing your teeth with a mixture of baking 

soda and sea salt.

Organic neem leaf

Recognized in India over 4,500 years ago, neem trees were often referred to as the “village dispensary.” As such, people often used the leaves of the Azadirachta indica trees to help maintain and preserve healthy teeth and gums.

Spearmint oil

Spearmint essential oil is a 

common ingredient in many 

natural mouthwash formulas. 

Since it is soothing to soft tissues, such as your gums, spearmint oil can assist in your body’s natural healing process, while also helping cleanse your teeth and gums.

Myrrh powder

Used in Biblical times to anoint kings, myrrh possesses powerful antiseptic and astringent properties that promote healing and ease minor toothaches. This sap-like substance is a premium ingredient in fluoride-free oral care products since it can help support gum health.

What’s wrong with conventional toothpaste?

Most commercial toothpastes are packed with dangerous compounds including fluoride, triclosan (one of the chemicals banned by the FDA), artificial sweeteners like aspartame, and even propylene glycol which is an alcohol used to make diethanolamine. These questionable ingredients can be very harsh on your gums and teeth, and they can be incredibly harmful if ingested or absorbed into the bloodstream.

Scientific studies indicate that all of these can have dangerous side effects. That's especially true for fluoride, a neurotoxin. That's why we've developed our Health Ranger Select Toothsalt with Neem. It's the 100% all-natural alternative to chemical-laced commercial toothpastes that are loaded with toxic chemicals.

Why choose Health Ranger Select Toothsalt with Neem?

Health Ranger Select Toothsalt with Neem supports optimal oral health by relying on the finest, cleanest, natural bacteria-fighting ingredients that can gently cleanse your teeth and gums, as well as promote good hygiene and oral health. We don’t use any synthetic chemicals, preservatives, or artificial flavors in our premium toothsalt formula, and we don’t source any ingredients from China.  

Our toothsalt contains tried and tested ingredients that have been used throughout the ages to support oral health, like sodium bicarbonate – the pure kind, not the cheap stuff you find in supermarkets. We also added sodium chloride (sea salt), organic neem leaf (which has been used for a millennium to preserve teeth and gum health), spearmint oil, and myrrh powder. By regularly brushing your teeth using Toothsalt with Neem, you can maximize your overall gum health naturally.

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NOTE: For maximum effect, you should brush 

twice a day to prevent cavities and receding gums.

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I urge everyone to stop using chemical toothpaste products immediately. 

Stop putting toxic synthetic substances in your mouth where they are quickly absorbed into your bloodstream. Instead of relying on toxic chemicals, my Health Ranger Select Tooth Salt with Neem is filled with clean, lab-tested ingredients and powerful botanicals with a long established history for supporting good oral health. Use it daily and you'll see and feel the difference

The Health Ranger guarantee

-Mike Adams, The Health Ramger

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Oral care is vital for your overall health, which is why the Health Ranger Store is bringing back our Glyphosate-Tested, Fluoride-Free Toothsalt with Neem to help you take care of your teeth and gums. Using only the purest, all-natural ingredients, our toothsalt formula is China-free and is thoroughly lab tested for glyphosate, heavy metals, and microbiology.  

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